Recommendation Letter

Applying for school, a scholarship, internship, or job? We want to write awesome things about you!

Steps for requesting a recommendation letter from us:

- Earn your Intergenerational Service Award with 15 hours and 5 journals*.

- Give us two weeks to process your info and write a fabulous letter.

- Answer the following questions in paragraph form in a single journal entry

*If you need a letter for the fall you have to earn the Intergenerational Service Award the year prior. 

​Title the journal: "Reflecting on My GG Experience (Your First Name)"

1. What is your full name?

2.  What is your role within your GlamourGals chapter? (i.e. chapter president, volunteer, etc.)

3.  What chapter are you a member of?

4.  How long have you volunteered with GlamourGals?

5.  What qualities make you an inspiring GG volunteer? List three to five traits you feel are most important.

6.  How have you demonstrated the above qualities as a GG volunteer?

7.  What is your favorite GG experience? (You may link to another journal on

 *You may include a picture of yourself, but it is not necessary.* 

After you have submitted your journal, e-mail with your full name, the link to your journal entry, and how we need to submit your letter. 

Please note, we only send recommendation letters in support of specific applications. We are happy to keep a letter on file for any specific future applications. 

Questions? Email us at or call 631.404.0761

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